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Colombi Diamonds is the story of a family united in the passion for the diamond world and high-end jewelry.

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The experience and passion of people knowing the gemstone business for more than half a century.

The beginning of the story

The beginning

In 1930, Ferruccio Colombi, jewelry designer, skilled engraver and jewelry dealer, founded the business with his family name in the center of Milan and became one of the first members of the Borsa Diamanti d'Italia.

The establishment

After 50 years of successful business, he left the leadership in the hands of his son Ernesto, gemologist and court expert witness in Milan who has been President of the Borsa Diamanti d'Italia for 24 years and, since 2013, Honorary President. Thanks to him, the company continues to grow and establish its reputation.

Third generation

2009, was the turn of the third generation. Giulio and Marta Colombi, designers, experts in gemology, IGI and HRD graduates, are the new beating heart of the company. That’s how Colombi Diamonds Srl was born and the branch at the World Join Center in Milan has opened, in addition to the historical one near Piazza del Duomo.


Today, Colombi Diamonds is a well-established company and all its members are part of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse and the Borsa Diamanti d'Italia, whose board of directors includes Marta Colombi.

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The state-of-the-art and the traditional craftsmanship.

Skillful hands of master goldsmiths; exclusive use of precious metals and Excellent-cut diamonds; a style originating from the best Italian designers. Colombi Diamonds jewels are the result of a synergy between passion, experience and precision. Perfect in each detail.

The diamond district.

In the heart of Milan, which has always been the fulcrum of made-in-Italy design and fashion, in an old street overlooking Piazza del Duomo, you will find the historical headquarters of Colombi Diamonds. From here it lived and took inevery transformation and styles of the last century, transforming and reinterpreting them through unique pieces of high-end jewelry, always in line with the times and the evolution of consumer tastes.

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It was precisely this sensitivity to change and a natural tendency for excellence that led Colombi Diamonds to open a second branch in Milan in 2010 at the World Join Center. This choice has allowed the company to become the reference point in the national and international jewelry market, confirming more than ever its authority and professionalism in the field of precious gemstones.

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