A natural selection.

The Colombi diamonds are carefully selected: natural, untreated and conflict free. A guarantee of value and authenticity.

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How to guarantee the authenticity and origin of a gemstone?

Colombi Diamonds knows it because for over a century it has worked in world renowned diamond bourses and has preferential access to the raw material. The expert eye of its specialists does the rest: high-end products are selected, which meet the Colombi Diamonds quality and ethical standards, always with excellent value for money and internationally recognized value.

We will guide you to choose the right gemstone.

A non-standard standard.

For three generations, Colombi Diamonds has been selecting the best gemstones, from 0.5 to 5 carats and more, only international certificates, conflict free, untreated and with special attention to cut and proportions.

Excellent Cut

Selected meleé diamonds

Internationally certified

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Excellent Cut

A unique cut that allows the brightness and fire to give their best. The Excellent Cut diamonds aren’t just diamonds, but small pieces of magic that come to life thanks to a total reflection of light.

D Color Series. The absent color that stands out.

Selected meleé diamonds

Even for smaller gemstones, there is a careful selection based on three basic parameters: cut, purity and color. Colombi Diamonds selects diamonds from 0.5 upwards, with D/E colour, VVS purity and Excellent cut for its top of the range: the Extra Collection. However, batches of different qualities of meleé diamonds are always available to meet all market needs.

Internationally certified

The Colombi diamond selection is extremely accurate. The raw matter comes exclusively from conflict free sources and is certified by the best international laboratories, such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD Antwerp, IGl Worldwide.

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